The island is to the immediate east of the Lombok Strait and the better known island of Bali. The Lombok Strait also marks the division between the fauna of the Indomalayan realm and the distinctly different fauna of Australasia; this is known as the “Wallace Line”. To the east of Lombok lies the Alas Strait and the nearby island of Sumbawa. The island’s topography is dominated by Mount Rinjani. The highlands of Lombok are forest-clad and mostly undeveloped. The lowlands are highly cultivated giving ample food supply for the island’s nearly 4 million strong population.

Lombok has 4 areas of picturesque tourist destinations. The most famous is the Gilis at the north west corner of the island. This motor-vehicle-free Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno) offer more beaches, reefs for diving and snorkeling, and a sea turtle hatchery. Mount Rinjani with its summit rising to 3,726 meters above sea level. The Segara Anak Crater Lake located on top of the volcano, is one of the most beautiful scenic views of Indonesia. Central Lombok is where the lovely beaches are situated. Kuta Beach, Tanjung A’an, and Mawun Beach are just a few on the list. Great surf spots  are located in the splendid Selong Belanak Beach or to the east near Kuta or the Merese Hill with its amazing view. Just north of the south west peninsula reaching toward Bali is known as the secret Gilis. About a dozen islands, most of which uninhabited, offer fantastic views, beaches, snorkeling, views of Pearl farms  and because of their proximity to the speedboats of Bali – an easy access.

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