About Us

The concept of Sehat Cruises was born one night under a star-lit sky in the heart of Kalimantan, Borneo. As a group of entrepreneurs dreamed of a better world, they had a vision of a vessel, a beautiful sailing boat, built of natural materials in the traditional way and set to sail across the Indonesian archipelago. It would be designed specifically to take its passengers on a journey into another world. A world in pristine nature where the body can start to  breath again and every cell will vibrate with a new energy, a world where the mind, body and spirit are in perfect balance and harmony. In this place health and happiness exist without the stress of everyday life. This is a world with unlimited possibilities, where dreams become reality.
With this clarity in mind they set out to build the dream, a 35 meter long traditional Phinisi, constructed from the ground up using Kayu Ulin (iron wood) by local boat builders. After 3 years of meticulous planning, designing and building, the Sehat Elona was launched into the Java Sea and sailed south to the island of Lombok. From here it will discover Sumbawa, Flores and East across the Archipelago.
A comprehensive team of specialists was brought together to formulate this life changing experience which we now call the “Sehat Regenerise” program. Every detail designed with a holistic wellness approach committed to the total well-being of our customers. Allowing each guest to make healthier lifestyle choices towards well being by providing non-invasive and preventative strategies resulting in mind, body and spirit balance and harmony.

Executive Team

SEHAT Cruises is supported by an advisory group of health professionals, which include a physician, a psychologists, fitness experts and complementary practitioners. The members of our team who are not medical professionals bring concept development, vessel design/construction, marketing and tourism expertise to our organization.


Wellness Entrepreneur


Concept Developer of SEHAT Cruises

Salim Ismail

Regenerise Developer

Henry Horthy

Program Developer


Concept developer of SEHAT Cruises


Tourism Consultant/Cultural liaison


Concept Developer


Wellness Advocate for over 20 years


SEHAT Cruises is a company which values positive growth, not only on a personal level, but in a wider community sense. We also look to contribute positively to the people and cultures in which we work. We support a wide array of grassroots and nongovernmental organizations whose express mission is to encourage growth via education, health and improved living standards.