Cruise to Wellness

We will take you on a carefree journey to extraordinary destinations, while providing a healing environment for you to rejuvenate and revitalize - for you to achieve your best you.

The Indonesian word sehat means health and wellness.

Our approach to wellness cruising is about opening the senses, opening the mind, and expanding an exposure to cultures which are so different from Western traditions that it will bring an awareness of our shared humanity. After all, wellness is about well-being; the wellbeing of inner balance, a healthy sense of identity and a sense of purpose within each individual’s life. At Sehat Cruises, we want to take you on your wellness voyage through our caring focus on your individual discovery of well-being.

Cruise Descriptions

Sehat Cruises offers recreational programs that combine incredible destinations, breathtaking sea views, along with an active search for the healing place within each guests. The core design of the program is to deliver an integrated holistic experience that aids guests in transitioning into a wellness mindset that builds on their current level of wellbeing.


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Where You'll Go

Labuan Bajo


Guests will enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, bicycling, hiking, massage therapy and much more.

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